Branding, Packaging, Space Design, Web Design

Lasting identity for a flavorfully challenging brand.

Stonefield is a company that believes in pushing the envelope when it comes to flavoring. With them we learnt the nitty-gritties of the flavoring business. And realized that it’s a form of culinary craftsmanship that blends art, science, innovation and technology.



Stonefield wanted their communication to reflect their passion for distinct flavoring and their client’s desire for unique palates.

We knew exactly what we had to do:

  1. Create a brand image that possessed sense, seduction, authenticity and modernism in equal measure.
  2. Portray the brand as a realization of a future where innovation, creativity and passion are the cornerstones of the craft of flavoring.

And ‘Taste the Future’ (tagline) was born. It summed up the client’s vision quite well. And portrayed their determination to define the future of flavour via technology, passion and creativity.