In Memory of Milton Glaser

26 June 1929 – 26 June 2020

If design is intelligence made visible, Milton Glaser is one of the most intelligent minds of our times. Milton has created some of the most iconic images, from the “I ♥ NY" logo to the iconic Bob Dylan album to more recently, a poster for the acclaimed TV show, Mad Men.

The Beatles of 60s-inspired design, Milton is also the co-founder of New York Magazine for which he has lent his artistic support with many impressive creatives. He is also credited with creating the Glaser Stencil font in 1967. The font has gone on to become a quintessential piece of American design.

Milton, who died on June 26, 2020, his 91st birthday, is best known for his playful graphic style that combined psychedelic colours and vivid imagery. He was influenced by Pablo Picasso and Giorgio Morandi to create art that told stories, broke new ground and remained eternal.

For Milton, art was always evolving. For us, his art will remain a fixture.

written by Shreesh Shankar