When we think of popcorn, we think of the evenings spent at the beach or at the local fair. But, most of us are reminded of going to the movies where popcorn has been a staple snack item for decades. While we do consume popcorn at home (thanks to Act 2), we don’t often buy ready-to-eat popcorn. Over the last few years, the ready-to-eat popcorn has seen steady growth with several existing and new players throwing their hats into the ring.




Nuage is a gourmet popcorn brand whose branding and packaging design caught our eye. Created by Mexican branding studio, Anagrama, the design features elegant and joyful visuals – the kind of memory popcorn reminds us all of. The word “Nuage” is French for “Cloud” and it has been used as an important design element in the brand’s packaging, leaving us craving for some popcorn. Here it is, our weekly inspiration.

Here it is, our weekly inspiration.


written by Shreesh Shankar