May 28, 2019

Why We Do What We Do

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Men and women of design try their hand at weaving words. Minds of design language articulate through alphabet.

Art, antidote to ephemerality as it’s called, transcends borders. It is that ocean-depth where all differences become invisible. And to be someone through whom art flows is a privilege of a lifetime. For everyone at Sukkrish Aadds, being this someone, this conduit through whom art manifests to make this world that much more beautiful, it is a matter of humbling, everyday joy. It is that sense of individual meaning, solitary purpose.

His/her own.

Here, each one speaks their mind, their heart.


“That satisfaction I get when I solve client problems with my team, is a blissful feeling.”

– Shreesh Shankar, Strategy and Creative Head





For a team to have a leader who asserts, “A leader is only as good as his team” is a rarity today, and that shows in every little task done. Shreesh Shankar, the creative who spearheads the team, tells us why he does what drives him towards excellence every day: “It’s a great feeling to wake up every morning with a purpose. Brands are an addiction to me. To witness a brand through various phases and to find strategic creative solutions for them to connect and engage with its audience excites me every day.

He continues, “when my clients see me as an integral part of their own team, when they look up to our agency as an integral part of their brand’s growth, I take pride in subconsciously holding a lot of responsibility in their brands growth.”

To create an identity for a brand, to propagate its vision across platforms is to establish an everlasting impression.





“The integral role in defining the brand strategy builds the heart of the brand -the beat that sustains it.”

– Akilaa C V, Brand Services Director




“Over the years, the design industry has been shaping me up as an extrovert geek. It’s always exciting to play the role of creativity in growing businesses.” says Akilaa, our Brand Services Director.



“Sometimes, just a single idea is enough to keep one excited and motivated.”

– Aseem Gautam, Design Lead




Aseem Gautam, another designer of ceaseless creativity and all-encompassing perspective, says, “Finding magic in the mundane. For someone who remains a seeker of the elusive, being a designer and creative thinker means we find excitement in the littlest of things that most people are indifferent towards. Finding the right typeface, creating just the perfect logo, even coming up with a lame pun — the mind is always working to create something of its own, to make something that only it can make. In design and in life, in general, there’s always something to be excited about.”



“As I explored the world of design, I became more intrigued with the idea of communication and its unflinching power.”

– Ankush Gupta, Experience Design Crusader




Design has visited some of our creatives as a surprise, especially those who did not have a formal education in it. Drawing inspiration from other creative works as the iconic favicol ads of Piyush Pandey’s, some of them began with a desire to write ads. “What began as a dream to write ads, evolved into a desire to be adept at visual media. After exploring photography for a couple of years as the head of the design and photography club in college, I eventually found my calling in design and have since then stood firmly rooted in it,” explains Ankush Gupta.

He elucidates, “Being constantly surrounded by people who inspire you with their dedication to their craft is a great motivational push. I started out by wanting to make the world pretty, but now I ensure that I help the world make smarter decisions through design.”




“Seeking the sincere.”

– Pranjal Gogoi, Design Evangelist





For Pranjal Gogoi, who is searingly honest while sharing his perspectives settles for nothing that is insincere.In the post-truth era that we live in, one can only hope for design to bring clarity to an idea,” conveys Pranjal with his own clarity of thought.




“I do artwork because I want to make this world more beautiful.”

– Vigil T R, Design Intern



While art has the power to save a soul from its own dark recesses, it is also about adding more beauty to an already existing idea or an idea being only conceived. And so, creating art for art’s sake is never the way for Vigil T. R. “I do artwork because I want to make this world more beautiful,” says he.




“To Narrate a Story. To sing the soul of an idea.”

– Abhirami R Rao, Design Bee




Inspiration, when sought with an open and humble mind, can be found in all forms of art and not just in one to which one belongs. For Abhirami R. Rao, one of the perennial sources of strength and inspiration is the man of words, Bukowski.

In her own words: “I love stories; narrating them, listening to them. Like Bukowski, I have let a bluebird inhabit my heart, too, and she is loud when it has to be. Only, she narrates her stories not by words, but visually, to make etch an impact differently, unmistakably.”


“I get the opportunity to play an integral part in steering a brand towards success and learn along the way.”

– Mohammed Aamir Ali, Brand Services




While the designers are lost in their worlds of imagination and creativity, there are also those among us who ensure that the right idea reaches the right audience. To that precise extent, Mohammed Aamir Ali has been the most able Brand Services Executive Sukkrish Aadds could have.

Being the interface of communication between our team and the client most of the time, Aamir handles conveyance of ideas smoothly.

He explains, “I have been fascinated by advertising and brands for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I used to wonder what goes on behind the scenes of creating a brand and marketing it. This thought and passion got me into brand servicing; the one role where you get to interact with every aspect of advertising with all clients of an organisation.”

He elaborates, “My role also fulfils my endless desire to learn. It is a pleasure to know that every day as I walk to work, I will learn something new by the end of the day.”


While our designers are busy with every edge and every dot of what they create, a design’s eternal companion is language. We’ve always said we bet on the 26 letters of the alphabet; that’s the staunch faith we have in its power.





“A mortal, vital joy.”

– Sourabha Rao, Chief Wordsmith



“Writing is that inexplicable joy of revealing the shy furtiveness of experience. Cleaving the divine silence of it, only to humanise it. A mortal, necessary joy. To be able to articulate a brand’s soul, its essence in words is a tremendous responsibility. So when rightly done, the joy that follows stops needing the same words that begins it,” says Sourabha Rao, our Copywriter.

Ours is a team that strives to deliver work that works. 

We think of the brands we work for as a great opportunity to make our ideas acquire shape in the real world. And when we step out and stumble upon something that has taken tangible shape — a name we coined for a business, a brand logo gazing in its neon vibrance into the night, an interior space decorated with our ideas, we know we have made the difference we could.

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written by Shreesh Shankar