Ajmera Nucleus Case Study


When the brand strategy process begins with the very christening of the project, the possibilities of it spreading its creative wings are endless. For the clutter-breaking, new-age real-estate project – Nucleus – by Ajmera in Bengaluru, the sky was the limit. And we made the best use of how much we could scale up our design and communication strategy.

Arriving at the core idea of the project, after hitting its target audience like bull’s-eye, was a fluid beginning. For Nucleus, we arrived ‘at the core’ of life itself. Ajmera’s aim to create the perfect living condition for the techies working in Electronic City, wanting to have everything they hold dear around their homes (entertainment, office, malls and city-centre), translated itself into our idea of positioning the brand.

Our Role

Strategy | Branding | Communication | Print Design | Outdoor and Digital Campaigns

Our design and strategy orbited around the ‘nucleus’ of the project’s very nature. We maintained the problem-solution consistency to create intrigue in the TG about the key features of Nucleus. With a clear communicative tone, we created copy with the theme

Coupled with our team’s unique, eloquent design, the brochure took to forming like it presupposed how to take shape. It made us remain excited about how extensive the project was eventually going to become, allowing us more room for innovative design.

We adapted the design for outdoor and digital campaigns that could grab the eyeballs of anyone at all, and thus bringing her/his attention to the brand and its value. We made hoardings, coffee table book and other marketing materials like experience centre graphics, site wrap design, collaterals, etc.

Working on newspaper ads, Google display ads, coming up with social media ads, invitations and other branding collaterals were a part of this creative exercise that kept us on our toes throughout.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Our designs were disruptive. The tagline, for instance, features a professional, formal typeface that accompanies the first four words “at the core of" while the last word, “life" is presented in a jaunty, handwritten typeface and in a large size. It is bold and cheerful much like the brand and life itself.