How branding and packaging design enabled a conscious skincare label to highlight the honesty and simplicity behind the products.

Globally, the skincare industry is set to pass $700 billion by 2025, nearly twice its annual revenue in 2018. In such a market, standing out is a tall order. Due to a growing consciousness and general aversion towards products that are loaded with sulphates and parabens, authentic and harm-free skincare brands are seeing an unprecedented rise. Deconstruct aims to be one such brand.

The gender-neutral skincare label aims to be received as an authentic and honest brand with no unnecessary ingredients and fillers.

Sukkrish Aadds came onboard to arrive at a core brand idea and design the brand identity and packaging for Deconstruct. The product line needed to stand out in the digital landscape and the packaging should be persuasive.

The Brand Identity

The biggest strength of the brand is that it is honest in its composition and genuine in its approach. The product does not have any ingredient that is not necessary in a skin care regimen. Infact, it has only those ingredients that make the real difference and not the ones that are only to give the peace of mind.

Deconstruct is not just an ordinary concoction of skin care ingredients bottled together and sold on a mythical promise. On the contrary, the product is clinically tested for efficacy and safety which makes it perfectly safe, rather recommended for daily use. It has no carcinogens, sulphates, phthalates or parabens thus making sure that the user always applies something good on the skin and not just a mixture of ordinary chemicals.The concoction is designed in such a manner that it is active and effective on the skin type of both sexes

The identity attempted to communicate the promise of consistently delivering the best quality products that had the best ingredients devoid of any harmful or excess chemicals, and to disrupt the market with its “non-mythical but real” advantages.

Subtlety is the key

The minimal logo bears the brand name which is dissected into three lines, bringing the meaning of the name, Deconstruct into play.

Skin care deconstructed to the ‘t’

& Honest

Deconstruct's serums are packaged in small bottles that are compact and portable. The packaging typography is arranged neatly to bring a sense of order and wholesomeness. Moreover, the line in the logo unit is extended across all sides of the packaging, where the information that comes below the line looks like the result of a ‘deconstructed’ and meticulous research.

Promotes skin
elasticity & tightening

Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Hydrates & Plumps skin

Soothes irritated

Reduces pore

Fights blackheads
& breakouts

Evens skin tone

Smoothens skin texture

Reduces acne

Helps fade dark spots

& dark spots

Works on tanning
& freckles


The objective of this brand language was to emerge as an honest brand which does not clutter too much, has abundance of clear spaces that reflects transparency and not have a riot of colours which may divert the customer’s attention.