Creating a design system for offering timeless elegance through luxury living solutions

How we helped a multi-brand luxury retailer relaunch with a loud and prominent bang?

RISE Group was founded in 2014 and is a part of VRR Ventures. The Bangalore-based retailer has partnered with a bevy of iconic Italian lifestyle brands including Valcucine, Rimadesio, Paola Lenti and Henge to offer an exquisite catalogue full of luxury living solutions. The brand believed that opulence and quality came second to none. Behind RISE Group is a team of passionate individuals with a penchant for great, timeless design.

In the last five years, luxury spending has seen a rise in India. According to one report, India’s luxury market is expected to touch $30 billion next year. However, the most surprising fact is that luxury spending in tier-2 cities has increased 30x more than the last decade. At the fore of this spree is the millennial generation who have a proclivity for choosing only the best of the best. Simply put, this is the perfect time to be a luxury retailer.

Sukkrish Aadds was briefed to redefine their brand experience and communication, website, social media marketing, publications and more. Our months-long exercise led to the creation of some of the finest work we’ve done as we quickly became attuned to the brand’s dedication and goal.

How do you brand your luxury brand? Let us tell you how.

Every luxury brand is identified by its iconic logo first and then by its products and services.

The need for a modern and memorable brand identity was clear and present. RISE Group had to be a luxury brand that brings with it a wave of contemporary grace while holding onto an essence of the past.

To arrive at the design language, we took a look at their partners and other international luxury retailers. We achieved in creating a fluid visual vocabulary that was on par with their partners, especially the timeless Valcucine and Rimadesio.

Our research revealed that RISE Group had to have a website that contained above all, an impeccable responsive design, the latest technology and an elegant colour pattern.

Comprehensive customer and peer research helped us understand the kind of place RISE Group’s website should be. We brought the brand’s id onto the digital space, creating a rich and elegant website that followed the brand’s new thought process and was peppered with exquisite product images and invigorating copy.

In terms of visuals, we decided to use a subdued palette that would keep in tradition with the brand’s original intention as an uber-luxury brand while also keeping it in sync with contemporary aesthetic practices.

We explored user-flow issues through user interviews to create a more user-friendly website, one that meets all of the blindspots and improves on what the users like about a luxury website.

RISE Group was driven by an ambition to bring the finest Italian lifestyle products to the customer. We concluded that the website must offer not just a good user experience, but a better and memorable one. The user interface was designed with the different target groups in mind. To make that happen, we created a sophisticated digital experience that is true to the brand’s core idea of offering products that pamper the customer.

Style and vibrancy was injected into the publication to give it a personality of its own.

We were tasked with creating a publication for RISE Group. We tapped into the design language to create a coffee table book that encapsulates the work of the brand and its partners. We explored design themes that could break the monotony and set a tone for the reader.

Brimming with imagery, typography, colours, layout styles and crisp copy, the coffee table catalogue book added a new dimension to our work as we explored more ways to create an edge for the brand through design.

Why and how fame makes your brand unbeatable. Discover.

Bringing the voice of RISE Group to the digital masses and engaging with them through extensively planned communication.

In RISE Group’s segment, amplification matters. Our painstaking efforts to show the brand as a successful and prestigious one didn’t stop with just the website. We also implemented the design language onto their social media communications as well. Concise writing paired with great-looking product images made every post, a work of art.

RISE Group was the result of passion and perfection. Our space graphics
bring their testament to life.

We worked with the architects at RISE Group to understand their conceptual interiors and create space graphics that were in tune with the rest of their showroom. The brand was creating unique spaces to showcase the products of their brand partners.


RISE Group wanted to make a splash in the reclusive upmarket niche. Through extensive research, carefully conceived design and perfectly crafted copy, we ensured that the brand’s vision remained the same, with a heady touch of class and charm. Our designs dovetail together to create a brand that’s sociable, suave and in many ways, significant.