Packaging crispness for a healthy food brand

This is Krispy. Krispy wants to be a contender in the healthy eating segment.

To talk about Krispy and its honorable intentions, one must not forget its parent brand, Phalyum. Launched as a fun and fruity snack, Phalyum offers a range of tasty fruit variants that were prepared with no preservatives and tossed in an array of delicious flavours.

When in doubt, look
to the product

Krispy’s USP enabled us to look at a packaging design where the vegetables and fruits were the star of the creative. These snacks have no artificial colours and flavours or preservatives. It’s okra or cluster beans or bananas as nature intended them to be.

We plastered the packaging with a domineering image of the product variant and announced the product and flavouring name in a bold typeface. We also created in-store standees promoting the healthy and tasty snacking experience that Krispy offers to the customer.

The packaging adds an extra layer of crispness to the brand. The clean design and presentation puts the focus on the product and the nutritional value it brings.

Rethinking the healthy alternative

What Krispy brings to the table is a healthy alternative to the world of snacking. Through our packaging and branding, we bring a trendy and earthy look to a brand that’s set to soar.