Shrus Eternity

Branding, Packaging, Print

A Contemporary Twist To An Archaic Tradition

Shrus eternity is a home-grown fashion label that fused traditional Indian wear and modern design. The company sells clothing and accessories through their store in Chennai and on the digital space. Having become popular with their target customers, Shrus Eternity looked to improve their brand presence. Sukkrish Aadds came onboard to design their brand identity and collaterals. Shrus Eternity needed an identity that was robust and easily recognisable to help the brand look more professional and appealing in the digital space.

Shrus Eternity caters to a trendy and ever-changing segment in the fashion industry. To keep the brand alive with changing trends wasn’t going to be an easy task. First, we understood the brand through a comprehensive briefing process that involved a series of questions that helped understand their purpose, vision and psyche.

Finding The Magic
In The Brand

With the information that we had gained and processed, we set about creating the identity design. The new identity brought the essence of Shrus Eternity and its core offering extremely well. We also designed a set of collaterals using a similar design language to complement the brand and its activities.

For the brand’s logo, we tapped into their passion and fused a traditional mien with contemporary approach, reflecting their brand idea to a T.

A Plethora Of Visual Resplendence

The new identity brought the essence of the brand and its core offering, making it unmissable in the eyes of the customer. We also designed a set of collaterals using a freshly conceived design language.

These include website look and feel, business collaterals, packaging design and signage. The designs have been warmly received by the client and have made the brand unmissable to the customer.


Fashion is constantly changing. To stay in the race, one must continue to interpret, integrate and introduce. Shrus Eternity showed us all the signs of changing. The identity we created, in our mind, is sempiternal. While our work has been warmly received by the client and their base, we are with conviction that the brand has come to life and taken a form of its own with our designs. Through our creatives, we married Shrus Eternity with sempiternal grace.