A Contemporary Touch To A Traditional Heart

Ethno-contemporary wear is all the rage right now. Many home-grown designer labels have sprung up on the map, offering a contemporary touch to traditional clothing. Siddhi Creations checked all the boxes: home-grown, ethno-contemporary and visionary. When we were approached to develop the brand identity, we had one thought: how do we make Siddhi Creations appear different from the many other ethno-contemporary labels, without having to sacrifice the essence of the brand.

Robustness Is The Need Of The Hour

Siddhi Creations needed an identity that was strong and enticing. It also needed to stand out. By creating an identity on these lines, Siddhi Creations will not only look recognisable but also professional.

The segment moves with the trend and so, its identity needed to be a creative fulcrum, one where fashion can change but not the identity.

A Sempiternal Train Of Thought

To create an identity for a brand that’s posited in an ever-changing segment, we need to see it as a fixture and not as a fad.

After understanding the brand inside out, we set about creating the design language, taking cues not from outside but from inside the brand's own environment. We took their brand idea to heart and created a logo that reflects it by fusing traditional design and a contemporary approach.

The new identity brought the essence of Siddhi Creations and its core offering extremely well. We also designed a set of collaterals using a similar design language to complement the brand and its activities.

Creating Endurance Through Design

As the old adage goes “fashion changes, style endures.” The new identity brought forth an indomitable look for Siddhi Creations and is true to the brand’s core. The collaterals follow the design language and can be easily identified with the brand.

Our work has been warmly received by the client and their base. Working with Siddhi Creations was a gentle reminder to us that design can be eternal. In the case of our work with Siddhi Creations, we believe it is.