IMC Case Study


Prepping Up A Major Industry Player
 For The Impending Future

The story of IMC and how we helped the brand regain its mojo through bold and modern design thinking

IMC or Industrial Mineral Company has for over 30 years served as a manufacturer and exporter of Garnet and Ilmenite Abrasive Grit. Over the 3 decades, they have amassed a prestigious clientele from across 40 countries and have become one of the world’s largest producers of Garnet and Ilmenite. IMC are also environmental-friendly and use ethical mining processes to keep nature intact.

The mining industry is growing, not just in India but across the world. A snapshot of India’s contributions to the global mining industry is sure to include proven facts such as the country being the second largest coal producer and the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world. IMC is a vital cog but, then came a realization that there are many other cogs in this machine.

With the advent of newer mining companies and better technologies in business promotion, IMC had a box unchecked. It was a box that wasn’t there when they began 30 years ago. But, now it was clearly visible. IMC wanted to be more than just a mining company but a brand that is reliable, trustworthy and has unparalleled expertise in mining.

Sukkrish Aadds came onboard to create IMC a brand new look and appeal and to rebrand them into a progressive brand, one that’s not just looking ahead but also moving ahead to the horizons of tomorrow.

No two brands are alike. IMC, in our eyes, was noticeably distinct. Their offerings created a vista into the future. Their work in the last 3 decades was an immense proponent to their testament and fuelled their want to look ahead. We decided that IMC needed a global, professional appeal – something that would remain unshakeable for decades to come.


The new logo was conformed to rigor to represent IMC’s robust and unmoveable presence in the mining world. Big, bold letters present the brand name and a similar font was used to present the tagline “Creating Lasting Value”.

Colour Palette



With the logo, colour pattern and typography in place, we went about design staff livery, choosing bold shades of red, orange and ochre. The livery also features a design pattern that reflects the company’s futuristic vision.

The IMC vision was brought on paper in the publications that we designed. The reading material features a sleek and stylish, forward-thinking design. Each collateral requires the same amount of graphic immediacy and character. The publication was visualised as a rousing invitation to open up and discover IMC’s ideology.

A contemporary design language becomes evident through the use of image layering and typography styling. Brand fonts and colours were used throughout the publication and peppered the rest of the pages with key machinery and a purview of the brand’s own vision.

The publication was conceived as a beacon for the future. This was made visible by blending inspiring copy, pleasing images and a graceful design. The result was that we recreated the brand’s id on print, making it unmissable even from afar.

A company with a futuristic vision required a futuristic facelift inside out. We designed space graphics for the interiors, painting the walls with shades of fiery red and healing grey and also brought the brand fonts and overall style indoors.

We brought the revolutionary new look to the digital landscape and transformed their website and drawing from the inspiring ideologies that we used for the publications. Crisp copy, pleasing images and a fluent UI were put in place to make the website easy-to-use and undeniably stunning to look at.


As we said before, IMC is distinct to us. They brought decades worth of challenges and learnings to the table and we helped shape them into a progressive brand.

The comprehensive collection of collaterals that we’ve created speaks the brand’s intended tone and voice, with crispness. The identity not only places IMC as a progressive brand but also as a symbol of authority and unmatched expertise in the industry.

In a legion of contenders, we’ve made IMC stand out and use its rich history and collective experience as stilts to make them clearly visible to the world.