A bold new brand identity for an industrial stalwart

For the last 30 years, MR Group has manufactured high quality industrial machinery and has amassed an impressive clientele spanning across the Indian subcontinent. The brand was now looking to spread its wings and enter newer markets. Sukkrish Aadds came onboard to create a new brand identity, one that would serve as a beacon in their new journey.

The magic is in the product. To arrive at a brand identity, we looked into MR Group’s impressive line-up. They made innovative and invincible machinery and we took inspiration from some of their iconic machines such as the rock crusher and the industrial feeder to come up with a sturdy design system.

We created many essential collaterals and business stationery pieces including the MR corporate brochure for which we leveraged the brand’s rich and progressive history to assemble an imposing collection of striking images, evocative copy and eclectic geometry.

We used the new design system to create a new collection of icons that will be used across their marketing collaterals and onsite signage.

Crushing boundaries

We fused the brand’s indomitable repertoire with an infallible identity, presenting MR Group as a vibrant and sturdy brand with a rousing product catalogue and impeccable service capabilities. This new identity also adds a halo of authority and unmatched expertise to the brand.

With their new library of collaterals and creatives, MR Group is poised to crush it.