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Linqage is an innovative software platform that follows patients through their care and recovery journey, allowing them to provide the right information at the right time.


About LinQage

Too often, health education resources take a “one-size-fits-all” approach for patients and caregivers, yet we know each person, each diagnosis, each situation, is entirely unique. At Linqage, through a ‘precision health education’ approach, our software tailors content to that which is most appropriate for each and every individual, disease, and organization.

From detection to cure

Getting the facts about your cancer diagnosis


Problems Faced / Historical Blindspots


Overwhelming no. of resources over varied number of platforms

New information products, medicines, treaments and cuttting-edge studies getting introduced on a daily basis.

No channel for dealing with emotions like ‘why me’ or ‘why us’ causing a range of emotions – affecting the routine to take care of the goliath disease.


Need to gain control in the knowledge in some area of the disease without being disruptive.

Wanting to help and support but don’t know what to say or do, fearing that they will upset the patient.

A lack of communication often leading to isolation, frustration, and misunderstandings.


Making sure the patient/family is aware of the right resources without falling into the trap of unverified articles, treament and approaches towards the disease.

Share important infomation with the patients and family with ease.


What We Did

We created the platform with the one goal in mind: User Empathy. At the core of the platform is the education but the fact that these resources are being shared by a trusted community of caregivers, friends, family.

Since the target audience for the product was sensitive and broad, we needed to make sure we were invoking trust every step of the way while making sure information is clearly understandable, showcases the legitimacy of the source and writers and create an intuitive learning experience.

During the process, we incorporated features which were not only helpful but also evoked a sense of achievement and community creating a harmonious environment for the user.

Our community module expanded to incorporate friends and family as the secondary shareholders of the application which helped in creating trust and bond with the application. We provided them option to recommend articles/stories with the primary users and also to appreciate their journey.

Visual System

Composition & Visual Detail


Apart from the commonly used black, white and grey, we needed a colour with personality; one that would comfort users from all spectrums. Teal is composed of both blue and green and carries the calming properties of the former and the renewal properties of the latter, creating an aura of rejuvenation and clarity.


Secondary COLOURS




Research suggests nearly 70% of cancer patients are depressed. Some patients have trouble being selfish. A patient often needs to be selfish and can't worry about everyone's wellbeing, even if accustomed to. Each day, the patient may need to focus on their own well being and this sometimes means the patient's energy is best suited when directed internally: resting, exercising, meditating, or simply taking their mind off of everything.

The patient is the Sun; everything revolves around the patient.

The family / immediate caregivers are the Earth; their existence as caregivers is directly dependent on the patient.

Everyone else, all other friends and distant family are the other planets / stars in the solar system. Some closer, some farther away, some shining brighter than others. Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there.


Screens of the platform


The central arena of Linqage, the dashboard enables users to access a range of information from relevant articles sourced from the internet to educative material, medical teams and milestones.






Team Members

Shared Posts




Surveys andQuestionnaires


Medical Milestone

Personal Milestone

Recommended Posts

The best articles and videos sourced from the internet and presented in a consumable form for the user to read, learn and share.


Linqage provides the most relevant & credible health content based on your education preferneces, learning style and background medical knowledge. The right information at the right time where you and/or a loved one are in your healthcare journey.

Featured Articles

Recommended Articles

Surveys & Questionnaires

All existing content become a part of three modules. These not only promote articles and videos but also suggest surveys and questionnaires that the user can participate in, right from the dashboard.

Category Overview  – MODULES

Listen with the intent to understand what the patient needs and how they are feeling both physically and emotionally.

Zach Weismann
Linqage, Co-Founder

A dedicated virtual hand that reassures users through an invigorating colour pattern, easy-to-use design, Linqage promotes an air of calm and reason during a particularly difficult time for the end-user, thereby becoming remedial in its process of guiding people into the known.