Go Grub Case Study


Problem Statement

How a brand and its people sought guidance and found the answer within themselves.

It’s the story of a brand that hired a little agency to travel the seven realms in search of answers; answers that were eventually found by looking deep into the soul of the brand and its people. Much like the ruby slippers, the answers were right here all this time.

That was our quest with Go Grub, a Delhi-based company that made and sold nutritious snacks. To us, package design seemed like the only task that they required. Go Grub appeared to be market-ready. Their tagline – Rediscover Snacking – was on the money. So, why would they want to improve what’s already good? It was only then that we scratched beneath the surface and became obsessed.


Every brand stands for something. It’s a proven strategy that helps consumers distinguish a brand from its competitor. How should Go Grub position itself? In order to arrive at that, we needed to understand our target groups. We went through the brief and existing brand persona over and over, all while painting a mental picture of the brand and, lo and behold, we re-emerged from the creative rabbit hole with our fluffy white tails dirty and our minds enlightened.


Corporate Jobber

Undergraduate & Above

Food Enthusiastic, Eating Out, travel, mall goers, likes to shop for brands


Frequent Traveller

Undergraduate & Above

Food Enthusiastic, Eating Out, travel, mall goers, movies, pop culture, comics, likes to shop for brands


Busy Mom

Undergraduate & Above

Likes to cook, family holidays, team meetings, business travel


There are those creative projects that wants us to explore a realm beyond facts, figures, graphs, gyan(knowledge), surveys.

A wise man once quipped “the most unjust separation of all, is the separation of a fellow man from his cool ranch flavoured snack." The key reason for this separation was a human emotion – guilt. Yes, guilt over health, taste and nutrition drives people away from their favourite snacks. Go Grub, in our eyes, aimed to remove that guilt from snacking, by offering a range of nutritious products that did not compromise on flavour.

The question was, how do we convince the TG to put down the can of Pringle and pick up a Go Grub snack? We hunkered down and worked on two brand ideas – one that saw the brand as a tasty pick-me-up and another that involved the brand cleaning up the stigma behind the word “snacking". In our efforts to connect snacking and travel, we found that sweet spot where consumers could relive their travels not through souvenir fridge magnets but through pure, unadulterated and healthy taste. To the target audience, Go Grub wasn’t just a snack, it was a trip down memory lane.

A mantra was born. “Go on. Indulge."

As we birthed a new tagline, our doodles and scribbles became more and more clearer. We wanted to tell the story of Go Grub’s founders who, much like the brand’s target audience, travelled the world and dined in its kitchens. Each Go Grub snack was meant to serve as a reminder of “that time", “that place" and “that experience".

This nostalgic ride had to begin right from the moment they see the product on the shelf. Which meant that our packaging must also speak the same language. Each product must tell its own story right from the packaging. Memories were to be layered – package being the first and product, the second. The first layer must remind customers of the place they’d been before; an illustration so powerful that the mind can recreate the sights and sounds of the place.

It was the story of two travellers who saw unique sights and collected exquisite tastes. They travelled across rivers, seas and mountains, explored untouched landscapes, clamorous city streets and jagged summits, and experienced tastes that were different from one another.

Adventure is the brand’s id. We sought for bolder, edgier typefaces, coloured the canvas with lush greens and blues, and the characters were imagined as two relatable people in search of a great adventure. To them, we say, go on and indulge.