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June 2019 –
December 2019

What do you get when you put some of the finest Italian living solutions under one roof? Paradise. RISE Group set out to do just that and we helped create their brand.

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A Higher Living

RISE Group is a part of VRR Ventures founded in 2014. An upmarket brand offering fine Italian living solutions, their flagship store was officially launched in late 2019. The company was looking to make a splash, a rather luxurious splash, in Bangalore.

Their belief that opulence and quality come second to none was evident in their passion, vision and clientele which includes leading Italian names such as Valcucine, Rimadesio, Paola Lenti and Henge to name a few.

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Sukkrish Aadds was brought onboard to redefine their brand experience and communication, website, social media marketing, publications and more. Our months-long exercise led to the creation of some of the finest work we’ve done. We quickly became attuned to the brand’s dedication and goal.


Transport the ID of the brand onto the digital space, creating a rich and elegant website that followed the brand’s new thought process and was peppered with exquisite product images and invigorating copy.

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With the country’s luxury market set to grow by 15% year-on-year and international brands gaining better exposure amongst Indian youths, the luxury lifestyle segment was no stranger. We looked at industry peers – brands and stores that have been offering similarly priced products from brands of Italian or other nationalities. To achieve the brand’s look and feel, we also looked into the brands that RISE Group has partnered with.

Competitor Review

Explore peers and competitors in the niche and understand their content strategies, media, and decide on what would work best for RISE Group.

New Technologies

Discover what technology stack will suit the present website by comparing with peer websites and other benchmarks.

UX Research

Explore user-flow issues through interviews, contextual inquiries, diary studies, personas, card sorting and usability testing.

A/B Testing

Create different variations of the website and test them for usability, performance, conversion and UX problems.


Use existing analytics from the previous website to make concise decisions on content and structure.

Usability Testing

Test the website using real world customers to help improve its accessibility and desirability.


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User Interviews

The part of the process involves asking a set of users on a topic of interest with the goal of learning more about it. For this project, we asked them about kitchens, kitchen maintenance and brand uniqueness. The questionnaire is structured as a simple online form where the user inputs their choices in less than 5 minutes or so. The process involved about 50 to 80 people from various professional and cultural backgrounds being interviewed about kitchens and premium luxury living products.


Online Form


10 mins



Interview Type



How often do you buy furniture online?

Do you browse interior products online and offline?

What’s missing in the exisiting website?

Can you locate information easily in the exisiting website?

Is your shopping experience seemless?

Is the customer support feature helpful ?

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When you want to create a product or sell a service, the first thing that comes to mind is “who’s the target customer?" The process doesn’t stop there. Once, you know who your audience is, you want to know more about them. User interviews are more than just a series of questions that require answers. A popular Pete Drucker quote goes “the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer." If we were to expand on this thought, we can see that the customer for any brand can be created by understanding the current thought processes of the target demographic.

For RISE Group, we chose today’s biggest spenders, could-be brand enthusiasts, industry professionals and the millennial generation who constantly ride the FOMO wave. Each of these demographics can possibly become loyal to RISE Group. The mission was to find out how.

IT Professionals

These brand-conscious individuals are always on the lookout for sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing products but are never able to find them all.


They want to create new experiences for their clients but are constrained with the existing market offerings.

Property Owners

Property owners who have the purchasing power but aren’t aware of high-end brands and mostly relied on lower-tier offerings were also a part of the interview.


In a lot of ways, millennials are similar to IT professionals and are extremely brand-conscious and earth-conscious too. However, while the price may itch an IT professional, millennials are ready to pay extra for a better product.

Realty Investors

Citizens from various countries who have made India their home as a result of extended periods; expats were also a part of the interview. Their early experiences in other countries would have created a perception that the Indian market lacks brands that do not offer highly qualitative products.


Corporates always have kept up with times in terms of sourcing products that are contemporary. So this segment should be bread and butter for them.


Historically, governments do prefer in-country brands but with the constant global circulation of cultures governments are willing to go that extra mile.

The accumulation of data from our interviews, coupled with data from competitor analyses and data analytics helped us understand where the existing brand website really was and also provided a yardstick to measure it with other brand websites. A vision for the newer website was formed and this process began with taking another closer look at the current website.

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Based on our interviews, analyses and reports, the following observations were made about the existing website.

Not looking premium

Current website is well below par for what a high-end furniture reseller’s website should look like.

No clear direction

Not clear if they’re selling or showcasing their products.

No modern tech usage

The existing tech stack was old and insecure. The website required modern technologies to boost the performance, responsiveness and accessibility.


Our research and expertise told us that RISE Group had to have a website that contained impeccable responsive design, the latest tech, clear and concise copy, an elegant colour pattern and vibrant product images. Thus, we set about creating the website.

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Before going into product development’s design phase most of the UX, usability issues can be addressed with the use of wireframes. These wireframes enable lower turnaround times and also to make UX decisions where multiple iterations are required for each individual page or element.

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Information Architecture

In this step, we created the structure of search, navigation and labelling systems and the overall content structure. So, it is vital that we know where and how these individual elements will interact with the content with the help of wireframes.

/ typography


Font Weight & Sizes

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In terms of visuals, we decided to use a subdued palette that would keep in tradition with the brand’s original intention as an uber-luxury brand while also keeping it in sync with contemporary aesthetic practices.


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After the final wireframing of the website, the design process moves on to the UI phase. Here we work to bring the screens to life. Generally, this stage also involves multiple to-and-fros after which the designs are handed off to the developers to execute. UI and UX work doesn’t stop once the website has been designed as we continue refining the final product.

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Ever since we positioned RISE Group as a high-end brand, our vision never changed and this helped us create the kind of website we’d be proud of. The website and branding activities have received praise from RISE Group’s team and their clientele. Our idea of putting style as a companion to their substance helped form a novel approach to the website and aligned to the core needs and expectations of their customers.