Stonefield Case Study

Branding, Packaging, Print

A Flavourfully Challenging Brand. A Fulfilling Design Experience.

Stonefield happened to us like a joyful dream. They believe in making their clients ‘taste the future’, while we learned the nitty-gritties of the flavouring business to design and design well for them.

We understood that for Stonefield, flavour-creation is a form of culinary craftsmanship that blends art, science, innovation and technology. They always want their communication to reflect their passion for distinct flavouring and their client’s desire for unique palates. So we rolled our sleeves to create our best with what we do best.

• Create a brand image that possessed sense, seduction, authenticity and modernism in equal measure.

• Portray the brand as a realization of a future where innovation, creativity and passion are the cornerstones of the craft of flavoring.

And ‘Taste the Future’ (tagline) was born. It summed up the client’s vision succinctly but powerfully. And portrayed their determination to define the future of flavour via technology, passion and creativity.

Corporate Identity

The logo creation was one of simplistic brilliance – the letter S broken down from a circle and reconstructed to look like the coming together of Stonefield and the customer. It also signifies the meeting of minds for a union of ideas.

C – 74  M – 43  Y – 12  K – 1


R – 75G – 125B – 178

C – 100 M – 80  Y – 0  K – 0


R – 17 G – 41 B – 94

C – 10  M – 95  Y – 0  K – 73


R – 75G – 125B – 178

C – 0  M – 0  Y – 0  K – 73


R – 68 G – 68 B – 67

The variants of this logo and its colours were further used to create simple but sophisticatedly designed business cards and stationery (letterheads, envelopes), their email signature and powerpoint templates. The signage was fun creating since it identifies, informs and directs as a great tool to establish and reinforce the identity of a brand.

Publication and Web – Communication

Stonefield’s website, brochures, social media posts/ads and print ads have looked subtly superb and have always effectively conveyed the right message to its right audience.

Stonefield believes in pushing the envelope when it comes to flavouring, and for them, we have pushed the limits to create a lasting identity.

Social Media Communication

Digital identity is all the more important for a brand that looks to redefine tastes. All social media communication follows a pattern that involves a professional brand voice and luscious images of food items. Stonefield’s social media platforms are harmonious in their communication and connect with its core audiences. Stonefield’s social media identity best represents the company’s values, services and culture in foison.

Below are some of Stonefield’s social media posts. These posts are similar in style and messaging, making it easily recognisable. Images chosen for social media posts were intentionally rhapsodic to exhibit the result: end user’s enthusiasm towards a food product. Communication was in line with what was established while creating the strategy. A professional, caring tone accompanies the images of seemingly rhapsodic characters or situations.

Promotional Material

Subtlety was vital in designing additional promotional material for Stonefield. The calendars feature images fused with the freshness and vibrancy of fruits, vegetables and other consumables while the text is minimally presented. Both text and images concinnate elegantly creating a sublime look and eliminates the corybantic style of most calendars.

Space Graphics

Minimalism was at play as we splashed walls with white to signify purity with basic food colours including mustard yellow, tangerine orange and natural brown potatoes. Clean elegance was sincerely followed in our interior design.

A brand with a global audience deserves a world-class website. The Stonefield website follows the established design language and features minimal text presentation and pleasing imagery. The responsive design ensures that users find the same, great feel of the website on any device.


Our extensive work has yielded a smart mix of distinct marketing assets that connects with the brand’s intended tone and representation. A touch of subtlety and elegance was our ally throughout the exercise. The nuances expressed in the logo exhibit the company’s vision with a generous dose of professionalism and care. Stonefield executives were copacetic with the look and feel of the website and business material, the branding angle and communication. We look forward to a long association with Stonefield and to create more wondrous pieces of communication for them.