Soxy Toes Case Study


warm toes. vibrant soul.

how we made shopping for socks a fun and memorable experience.

Soxytoes needed a website that was as vibrant and colourful as their products.We went ankle deep to create an online shopping experience that’ll knock your socks off.

an enriching experience throughout

After a close look at their collection, we realised that the product wrote itself. The website needed to reflect the young and hip collection of socks. We created a minimal, crisp and clutter-free look with a vibrant spectrum of colours that lent character to the brand.

if the sock fits,
the website should too.

Simplicity was at the core of our design. We wanted the website to be device-friendly and integrated an easy and responsive navigation. Going from homepage to checkout page was a breeze. Essential product information and support functions were strategically placed above and below the fold and couldn’t be missed.

think outside
the socks

It’s the age of eCommerce. In India, fashion eCommerce has become a cultural zeitgeist and is the topic of not just influencers and celebrities but also the common man and woman. The bidding war between online stores is much more intense than that of brick and mortar stores.

darning for a
good experience

Consumers have the freedom to explore websites, choose the product they desire and walk in their own shoes, err… socks. So, the question was: how will Soxytoes stand out? We took another look at the socks. The business needed a brand that was fun, forward-thinking, energetic and young at heart. An emotion that was conveyed through the new website’s design and layout.

holly molly we got socks in the trolly

subscribing so
easy, you won’t
feel dizzy


a socksy affair

We wanted to put the new Soxytoes website at the heart of this whirlwind of change. The result was a blend of vibrancy and minimalism. We reimagined online socks shopping with Soxytoes and it was a darn fun experience for us.