Nov 13, 2019

Weekly Inspiration – Misplaced Mouths And Taboo

Weekly Inspiration is a new series of weekly posts where we share something that made us stop for a minute and appreciate the beauty in it. This week, it’s a print ad created for Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. The agency behind the work is Bengaluru’s own Design Juice.


But first, some contextual information on the ad in question here. Gynaecological health is a commonly avoided topic, mainly because it is considered as taboo. Even when it came to dealing with doctors, women would much rather remain mum than discuss issues. Kasturba Hospitals looks to create awareness about the importance of speaking openly about gynaecological health with gynaecologists.


The ad is covered in shades of light pink representing a layer of delicate skin. Apart from pink, a spot of white and a little bit of black, the ad does not use any other colour – appearing minimal in content. The idea behind the ad isn’t new. Since the early 90s, several brands that manufacture feminine hygiene products have used similar imagery as part of their awareness campaigns. Libresse was the most recent brand to do this.



American comedian Sarah Silverman has also used a slightly different version of the very same idea as a gag.



Nevertheless, we appreciate the decision makers behind this ad. Both, Manipal and KMC are well-known institutions in the country and their boldness to go with the ad speaks volumes of the work can be achieved if the client is more than willing to take the leap.


“Here it is, your weekly inspiration.”



written by Shreesh Shankar