“Travel Like a Canadian” is the central theme of Air Canada’s new branding campaign. We’ve encountered several airline branding campaigns in our life. A few years back, Air New Zealand tapped into the Hobbit craze, rebranding itself as the “Official Airline of Middle Earth” with an integrated campaign. But, our personal favourite was the 2005 campaign by United Airlines which featured two of the best airline spots that we’ve ever seen.




So, having established that we’ve seen more than our share of airline campaigns, why are we talking about a TV spot for Air Canada? Simple, it stars Sandra Oh.



As fans of the amazing TV show, Killing Eve, we simply couldn’t resist. Oh is also known for her appearing on the popular “let’s pretend to be doctors” TV show called Grey’s Anatomy.

In the TV spot, Oh, who is Canadian, introduces the world to Canadian culture and insists that once you travel on Air Canada, you are essentially Canadian (if only this could hold up as proof for Canadian immigration).

With this campaign, Canada looks to position itself as an alternative to domestic airlines, thanks to its growing global network serving over 200 airports across six continents. The campaign is handled by FCB Canada while the TV spots are directed by Canada-based production company, Holiday Films.

Here it is, our weekly inspiration.


written by Shreesh Shankar