Seth Godin is arguably one of the most influential marketers of the 21st Century. We at Sukkrish Aadds are beloved readers of his blog (if you haven’t read it, then you should too). So, it was no wonder that a recent blog post sent us on an ideation exercise throughout the day.

In the blog post, Seth writes about ideas that are left untapped because no one has opened it yet. “Design, movements and ideas are all trapped, waiting to be opened, and then the rest of us will happily pile on” he adds.

He opens the post with an anecdote about a bag of cookies that were left uneaten because they were sealed. Once the bag was open, Seth predicts that the cookies will be gone in an hour, arguing that only when someone attempts to crack an idea, others will join in and add to it until it is finished.

By the end of the post, we were all mind blown and when you read the post (link below) we predict that you too will be mind blown.

Here it is, our weekly inspiration.
written by Shreesh Shankar