Whether you live in Bombay, Bangalore or even Hyderabad, you’ve certainly crossed at least ten microbreweries daily. Microbreweries are the trend right now. They’ve gone from simple-minded beer pubs to gastronomically and geographically comprehensive resto-bars with an indoor brewery. In this day and age, a great name says it all. Take a look at some of the popular microbreweries in Bangalore: Toit, Yellow Submarine, Brother Barley; they all have catchy, memorable names. While some may say that the selection, taste, food and interiors also matter, it’s the name that attracts you upon first glance. Nobody would dare go to Narayanaswami Brewery even if this fictional brewer made the best tasting ale.

But, herein lies a problem. It’s hard to find a name that doesn’t already exist. By the time it took this article to be written and published, ten new breweries have popped up with interesting names. From city names to landscapes to animals to pop culture references to mythical names, a large number of names have been used as the name of a brewery. So, when two breweries with the same name exist, there’s bound to be legal hassles. In the United States, when lawsuits were prevalent between two or more brewers, they came up with The Brewers Association, which maintains a list of all American breweries so that new brewers can find a name that’s not in the list.

With that in mind, we at Sukkrish Aadds would like to help you find the right (and currently usable) name for your microbrewery. Here are 25 creative names that you can use for your microbrewery.

*Wherever not mentioned, feel free to add Brewers or Brewery to the name.

Barley & Barley Brewers (aka B&B Brewers)
Malts and Hops
Wild Hops
Mad Malts
Dark Blondes
Strange Brewz
Lager Than Life
Live Lager
Ale Trail
The Holy Grale
Thirteen Bottles
The Craft Tavern
Naughty Draughty
The Unstoppable Tap
Odin’s Potion
Planet #3
3MPD (3rd Most Popular Drink)
Hammurabi (named after the famous Code of Hammurabi)
Magritte (named after Belgian painter, whose homeland is known for its peculiar brews)
Brasserie Elysee (the French are known for their wines but a French name can add elegance to your brasserie, which is French for brewery)

Coming up with a name sometimes may seem daunting. You’d either have a lot of names to choose from or very few to be satisfied with. Our advice to you is to think of several routes or angles and try to come up with ten names under each. Then, comes the filtration process. Take out the bad and the mediocre. As you pass each elimination round, the good names will go and only the better names will remain.

If you are still unable to find a satisfactory name after these rounds, bring in the experts, i.e. us. Get in touch with Sukkrish Aadds and we’ll work with you to find the best name for your microbrewery.


written by Shreesh Shankar