Karam Dosa

Branding, Packaging, Space Design


n. spicy

Rayalaseema karam

n. spiccccccy


Scene: There is a truck snaking through the streets of Bengaluru. Wherever it halts, people gather around it for ‘Karam Dosa’.

Dosa is one of the most popular breakfast options in the whole world! We were naturally excited to work on the brand identity for the spicy dosa brand that Karam Dosa is. A stunning visual language on the truck that makes a striking impact even in the traffic mayhem was our vision.


Catchy Colours for the Spice-talking!

Karam Dosa happened to us, and we were ready for some good designing karma. We decided to go crazy with bright, contrasting colours – an indelible red and an exquisite yellow. As unmistakable as the Rayalaseema karam (spicy).

Spicing up Packaging Design with Winsome Silliness

For the packaging possibilities, not only did we use the bright hues but also decided to rewrite the over-used, clichéd ‘sweet memories’ as ‘karam memories’.

Karam Dosa has been one of the funnest design exercises we’ve worked on. A fulfilling project that it was, we also wish for the truck wearing our design to go miles!